Our Vineyard

The Trandari vineyard is located in the Hilltops region of New South Wales at an altitude of approximately 410m. Research studies have previously indicated that the climate of the region compares favourably with that enjoyed by the premium grape growing areas of north western Italy, and for this reason a decision was taken in 2004 to initiate a trial planting (1/2 acre) of the Nebbiolo variety. This was followed by a planting (1 acre) of Shiraz in 2006.

The Nebbiolo planting is on a steep, stony hillside block with a north easterly aspect and includes three imported clones (Mat 5, Mat 4 and Mat 8) originating from the Matura Group in Italy and chosen for both their good fruiting qualities and moderate vigour. The vines are closely planted (1m x 3m) on 101-14 rootstock in red clay/loamy soil impregnated in some parts with gravel and granite elements.

The Shiraz planting comprising four clones (PT23, 1654, 1127 and R6WV28) is similarly located.

The vineyard is managed in close accord with organic principles. There is no use of either herbicides or insecticides, and the only fertilizers applied are of organic origin. All vines are hand pruned and vertically trained. The Nebbiolo is cane pruned (8 -10 bud retention on a single cane) and bunch thinning is also employed in order to ensure that the highest possible levels of fruit quality are maintained.

Conventional VSP pruning on a unitary cordon is used for the Shiraz. Early indications suggest that the Trandari vineyard site is well suited to both the Nebbiolo and Shiraz varieties. For the most part, the Hilltops region enjoys a long, even ripening period. This aspect, coupled with the relatively cool nights experienced particularly in the lead up to the March harvest period, all contribute to the quality outcome which is synonymous with Trandari wines.

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